Dienstag, März 29, 2005

Germans still don´t get it

Germans have yet to wake up from their socialist dream. According to a recent poll only one third of germany´s unemployed would be willing to move to another place in order to get a new job. Also, a majority of unemployed wouldn´t take a new job if their daily way to work was too long. Only half of them say they are intensively looking for a new job.

What´s the rest of them doing? Probably too busy watching TV, playing Playstation and complaining about why no one does anything against the high unemployment rate in germany.

So, what´s to do? It´s easy. Cut social benefits and spread a little "soziale Kaelte" (social frostiness) in order to get them off their lazy asses. But unfortunately, that´s not possible, because germans don´t want "amerikanische Verhältnisse" (american circumstances), i.e. real capitalism. And our cowardly politicians are certainly not going to risk loosing votes by confronting their electorate with reality.


At 1:51 vorm., Blogger Doug said...

But of course! The state in an infinite fountain which does not require production to support everyone in the manner of their choosing. No one needs to generate wealth - that's what wealthy people are for!

At 11:24 nachm., Anonymous Anonym said...

But reality keeps coming, so sooner or later the politicians have to blame someone for the mess they helped create.

At 8:52 nachm., Blogger rokkgod said...

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Hey more stupid yanks discussing the merits of types of capitalist infrastructure. The plutocratic fascist naziesquue orwellian roveianlly infanticidal philosophy american capitalists espouse is garbage. You wouldn't know conservative capitalism if it dropped on your head. The pedophile republicans have spent generations enriching robber barons at the expense of the American public for 230 years. Your founding fathers were a smuggler gangster, a plutocrat and a lawyer. An iron clad constitution that provides legisalation for the creation of massive monopolies to slow down the introduction of new technology and bleed Americans as long as they can. The real money doesn't sift through thousands of potential candidates to invest in. The real money lobbies to screw the American people and enrich a handful of deviants in new york city and their pedophile republican mouth pieces in washington. The agenda you are so willing to believe in has no facts to support for the privatization of everything. Your fascist reluctance to follow a Roosevelts more socialist capitalist base has cost America trillions of dollars now and in the future. The fact your pedophile hiding democrat impeaching conspiratorial right wing media has worked so hard to propagandize privatization makes it impossible for you to shift to the left to compete against the Chinese in the future. Your right wing agenda accelerates the decline and destruction of American economic domination globally. Pieceing of your hydro-electric grid to the richest plutocrats in state versus state cannibalization has left America vulnerable and unable to keep the power on much less compete. The monopolies the internet providers have is basically installing spigots in our jugulars and bleeding everyone slowly while they milk us for outrageous profits and compensation. Germany has 100 MB/second internet speeds and Korea is at 1000MB/second. Our providers can seemingly provide us with 56kbps and claim that it's 6Mbps. The legislation that allows the pharmaceutical companies to waste more money on advertising than they do on research and development, more money on give aways to the doctors than R&D is not conservative. The basic infratsructure the world is trying to figure out how to deliver cheaply and efficiently is where americans want to steal most of their excesses with outrageous compensation. It is highly unlikely these monopolizing plutocrats will deliver a better deal than cheap government administration. The American economy is a massive parade of big bubbles just waiting to explode. The DOW was in the same postion back in 2000 while your media in it's pump and dump schemes claimed we should and would be higher than 14000 today.
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