Samstag, März 19, 2005

Carsten Schmiester for Reichspropagandaminister

Carsten Schmiester is one of the leading anti-american propagandists in the german media. He works for the publicly funded Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) and publishes about 1-2 extremely biased articles per week on
So, here is another piece of his outstanding propaganda work. Goebbels would be proud of him:

"Bush continues to sound "the trumpet of freedom"

Two years ago the USA went to war with Iraq. Today they are still fighting.
For freedom, as US-President Bush says. That is why the sacrifices, the many dead and wounded US-soldiers, were not made in vain, thinks the president. Not everyone is as convinced as he is."

[Of course not everyone is as convinced as he is. If you are an anti-american, socialist propagandist, you probably don´t believe in sacrificing anything for the spread of freedom and prosperity. And there will always be enough idiots to support your views. But that doesn´t make them right.]

"More than 1500 dead and over 11.000 wounded US-soldiers in Iraq. It´s also these numbers that cause - two years after the start of the war - a change of the opinion picture in the US. Opinion polls show that today 53 percent of those questioned speak out against the war, two years ago it was only 27 percent. The fraction of those in favor of the war shrunk from 70% to 45%. America has doubts about the war - only President George W. Bush hasn´t. "

[Yes, only president Bush AND the 45% of americans which, according to the poll Schmiester mentions, are in favor of the war in Iraq. But what´s 45% of americans? If you were against the war in the first place, like Schmiester, this amounts to nothing.]

"He still obliviously praises the achievements of his country: "The insecurity and the sorrows of the last few years were not without avail. Millions have been liberated, millions will follow." The president adds pugnaciously: "The trumpet of freedom has been sounded, and that trumpet never calls defeat"."

[What he does here is simple: Buy using the german word "unbeirrt" (obliviously) he asserts that Bush is a stubborn warmonger who won´t listen to any voice of reason, and still praises his country, although we all know that the Iraq war was an utter failure and that, of course, there is no reason to praise the US. He knows exactly what kind of reaction he will get from his readers: "Damn stubborn yankee! How dare he call his wars acts of liberation! Thousands of civilians were killed only for the oil interests of the U.S."]

"Neoconservative Politics
So "Freedom Trumpeter" Bush still sounds the attack, although more quietly. Not only politcal reason lead him to his change of course in the Iran question. That america suddenly supports negotiations with Iran about the Iranian nuclear program, is also due to the fact that Bush lacks the money and the soldiers for a new war. But this doesn´t chance his aim of also helping democracy to a break through in Iran, just like in Iraq, in Libanon, and at best also in Syria. That is still the core of neoconservative US-Anti terror policy. "

[So, in this paragraph, Schmiester first tries to mock President Bush by calling him "Freedom Trumpeter", afterwards he alludes that only the european position of engagement towards Iran was right all along. As if there was no rational argument for a hardline approach. Then he shows, that anti-american Journalists like him will never be satisfied with anything the U.S.-administration does, even if Bush does exactly what they have always demanded from him: Now that Bush has changed his stance on Iran, it is interpreted as if he did this only because he had no other choice. Because due to his flawed decisions in the past, he has run out of money for new wars, and as no one wants to join the US-army anymore, he is also running out of soldiers. While the last part (about spreading democracy) doesn´t sound all that bad, it actually hides the assertion that Bush "just like in Iraq" wants to spread democracy by violent means, which is not true. But this is how Schmiester wants to convey it, and this is how the average reader will understand it. They will think once again: "Damn Bush, always wants to meddle in the affairs of other countries. Why can´t he just let them live how they want to live."]

"Split Echo
Scientiest Rashid Khalidi of Columbia University has his doubts with this policy. He recognizes progress in some countries, but he doesn´t see any reason to laud Bush for this. "If anyone derserves praise, then it´s the Iraqis, who have forced Bush to do the right thing", he thinks, and adds another example: "In the case of palestina, the USA did nothing, to foster progress. The palestinians did that themselves"."

[Great choice of an interview partner. Rashid Khalidi, according to Daniel Pipes, also called Israel a "racist" state with an "apartheid system" and argued that America had been "brainwashed" by Israel. I guess, Mr. Schmiester was very surprised about Khalidis negative assessment of U.S. policy in the middle east. And what did the palestinians actually do to foster progress themselves?]

"Other experts see the issue more positive and are thankful to the american government. Like Professor Fuad Ajama of John Hopkins University. "The bush-administration had the heart to venture into uncertain terrain. Still, doubts remain, but america today trusts democracy more than it did in the past"."

[What a great attempt at pretending balanced reporting! He finally brings himself to interview someone who has a more pro-bush stance and all he quotes from him is this: "doubts remain", "america trusts democracy"???]

"Struggling against a lack of credibility

The future of Iraq remains uncertain. Only one thing is for sure, that american soldiers will have to stay for a long time in order to fight the approximately 50.000 rebels. They have to hold out in the struggle for freedom as well as - since the torture scandal in the Abu Ghraib prison - in their struggle against their own incredibility. "

[Well, they wouldn´t have to, if people like Schmiester wouldn´t keep working night and day in order to damage the image of the U.S. and their soldiers. People like Schmiester are guilty of inciting anti-american hatred. By refusing to call the terrorists in Iraq Terrorists ("50000 rebels") they help them. And that is exactly what Schmiester has in mind. He doesn´t care about the people in Iraq. He´s only interested in harming the U.S.]

"Reminder from the Cold War

The critical public radio "NPR" has rebroadcastet an interview with the recently deceased US-Diplomat George F. Kennan. As a monition. A reporter had asked the originator of the "containment policy" against the former Sowjet Union for the best way to spread to democracy. The answer seems very up-to-date, even today. "It´s one thing when we show, what is possible if you have a democracy. It´s something completely different, if we arouse the impression, that we think of ourselves as superior and demand that others have to learn to be like us". "

[Well, I think we´ve shown the world long enough how democracy works, and what can be achieved by following democratic and capitalist ideals. Unfortunately, that doesn´t seem to have worked. Now it´s time to apply more concrete measures.]

I cannot understand how our public broadcasters can keep people like Schmiester. What he does has nothing to do with journalism. I haven´t read any article from him that was not anti-american or anti-bush. The only thing he does is trying to spread anti-americanism. And the worst thing is, that I actually pay this guy because he works for a public broadcaster!


At 2:17 AM, Anonymous Anonym said...

I'm not surprised by this writer. I have relatives in Germany who buy into this propaganda too.

At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonym said...

what is Carsten SChmiester doing? He uses his right to voice his opinion, what every journalist should be allowed to do. It is a right which many Americans love to mention but seemingly do not like others to exercise!
Also the author should brush up his historical knowledge about the Nazis and Goebbels: there was no freedom of press there. A comparison between Schmiester and Nazi propaganda is badly founded and an insult to any democratic and free judgingly journalist, like Carsten Schmiester is.

At 11:02 AM, Blogger Gassenfenster said...

1. The problem with german journalism is, that objective reporting and the authors expression of their opinions isn´t seperated anymore as it should be. And that´s exactly what makes propaganda. Schmiester´s Articles often come along as objective reports and that´s unfortunately how most people understand them. And that´s exactly what he wants.

2. As I follow his "journalistic" work for quite some time now there should have been at least a slight chance to come across at least one article in which Schmiester holds a positive view of the U.S. There is not one! How can one live in the U.S. for years without having anything positive to report? That makes it very clear that the author has an agenda and that he wants the german people to hold a negative view of the U.S..

3. Your second argument makes no sense. I didn´t compare todays german press with the nazipress. I merely pointed out that Schmiester has got a lot of qualities that one would have looked for in a Reichspropagandaminister. He manages very well to allude things without clearly speaking them out. And, as I stated in the article several times, he knows his audience very well, and he knows what to say in order to make them think certain things and view the U.S. in a certain way without resorting to outright swearing at the U.S. The only intend of his articles is to manipulate the opinion of the german people towards the U.S. in a negative way. And that has not much to do with what journalists should be doing. It resembles much more the work of a propagandist!

4. Shouldn´t there be at least some balance in a publicly funded broadcaster? That is, if you have one journalist who has a negative view of the U.S., why not also have someone with a positive view of the U.S.? But that is not the situation we have in germany´s public media. In fact, there is only differing degrees of hostility towards the U.S.

5. Also, since when do americans not like others to express their opinions? I think, that is what american democracy is mainly about! Have you noticed that americans have recently even brought this right to places like Iraq where people were not able to excercise it before? I Know many germans who don´t get tired of telling me, that there is no freedom of the press in the U.S. anymore, that everyone is "gleichgeschaltet", that there is no freedom of expression under Bush, etc... That only makes it clear for me that they have been manipulated by the german press into believing certain things.
It also shows how capable people like Schmiester are in excercising their propaganda. Now I don´t know which country you are from, but I wouldn´t wonder if it was germany...

At 1:00 PM, Anonymous Anonym said...

also herrscht in deutschland eine verschwörung subversiver kräfte die nichts besseres zu tun haben als die usa schlecht zu machen mit dem welchem ziel bitteschön?

ich sehe erlich gesagt weniger ein problem mit dem deutschen journalismus als viel mehr mit der unmündigkeit gewisser leser. wenn man schon erkennt dass ein autor antiamerikanisch schreibt hat man dann nicht erkannt dass es sich nicht nur um objektive berichterstattung handelt?

abgesehen davon kann man natürlich auch vollkommmen unkritisch weiter die achse des bösen bekämpfen und behaupten der rest der welt wäre durch propaganda manipuliert und deshalb nicht auf der eigenen seite.... armer irrer....

At 1:54 AM, Anonymous Anonym said...

Every time I read I know already the article will be insulting for the US. Now I searched on google for his name and found this. Good to see that I'm not the only one who thinks about him as a propagandist. :)

At 1:17 AM, Anonymous Anonym said...

Ever thought of FOX news, Rush or even Lou Dobbs? Want real bias? Get it there and not at fair and balanced websites like "", who's authors (as their much more frequent pieces on German public radio show) don't dislike the USA or the american people at all, they just quote not only Bush and his followers but critics of the present administration as well. What they would never do is to "o'reilly" people who dare to convey different opinions like you tried with that ingorant, wrong and highly offending Goebbels-comparism!

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Wer ist denn darueber erstaunt, dass die oeffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten auf den linken Auge blind sind. Sie werden von einem sozialistischen System bezahlt und werden auch dementsprechend berichten.

Antiamerikanismus ist "in" in Deutschland (und nicht nur dort) und somit auf Platz 1 dieser Medien. Und die versuchen letzendllich nur das zu bringen, was die Leute wollen. Neutrale Berichterstattung ist tot. Der Unterschied zwischen Bericht und Kommentar wird bewusst verwischt. Mal ehrlich, wer hat denn noch in der Schule den Unterschied gelernt?

BTW: Ich lebe als Deutscher in den Vereinigten Staaten, und das aus gutem Grund. Aber erfreut euch nicht, meine Linken, ich komme wieder - mit allerlei kapitalistischem Wissen und werde dann einiges Umkrempeln ;-)

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