Mittwoch, Februar 02, 2005

Germany´s Demise

So, finally germany´s unemployment rate has climbed above 5 million. Not that this would come as a surprise to anyone. But I want to use this opportunity to name some of the reasons why I think our economy is in such a bad shape.

1. We are lazy
Germany has developed a culture of demanding and not providing. If we want more money, and a secure job we don´t think about improving ourselves, learning more skills, working harder. No, we go to the streets and demand higher wages. If we loose our job, it´s the managers faults and we demand that the politicians help us by subsidizing our companies.
If something goes wrong, it´s always someone else´s fault. We don´t blame ourselves, but evil globalization or the managers and politicians.

2. We are badly educated
Germany´s school system (maybe except for bavarian schools) is dominated by leftist teachers propagating laissez-faire education. If children fail in tests it´s not because they maybe lazy or just stupid. No, we have demanded too much from them. So we lower our demands. We adapt to the weakest link in the chain, so no one gets left behind, thereby discriminating against those who can and want to achieve more. Teachers also often fail to provide basic knowledge because they are too occupied with preaching anti-americanism and anti-capitalism (we even have special classes for this purpose: e.g. "Social Science").

3. We despise Capitalism
I can´t count how often I end up in conversations with people who want to tell my why capitalism and globaliztion are bad. Capitalism, so they say, destroys our values (while actually it is socialism and leftist ideology that destroys any values in our society). Globalization and open markets lead to people loosing their jobs, they tell me. Instead they should be thinking about how they can use the opportunities provided by globalization for their benefit.
Then they tell me, that "Consuming" is generally bad. People should not be greedy for money and fancy products. For example, they should not buy a car, but just use a bike. (BTW: At the same time they often contradict themselves by telling me that a lack of domestic demand would be the biggest problem our economy faces).

4. We are stupid
After over 6 years of chancelor Schroeders Red-Green government and their many desastrous decisions, their often demonstrated incompetence, and their unwillingness to intransigently go through with badly needed reforms we are still willing to reelect them. Yes, according to a recent poll by the FORSA institute the Socialist/Green-Coalition would really be reelected.

What if someone ruins your country and destroys the relationship with your best ally? Right, you reelect him into office! At least that´s what we would do. That about says it all.


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